critical ops strat roulette

You can pass the bomb to another player.
Always speak in a southern accent.
All rush mid and hope for the best.All Maps T CT jocuri american poker 2 gratis Chaos by /u/HydrA- Everyone must hold their push-to-talk for the entire duration of the round (even if dead).Overpass T Fake It 'Till You Make It by /u/Pilltacular Fake A from B site, take B, and rush up.All Maps T CT Maniac by /u/Emsalek Once you start shooting, you have to empty the clip before you can stop shooting.If you can't think of an insult, everyone else in your team must talk shit about your mom.Only the man on top can shoot.
The team with most kills wins.
All Maps T CT Round the World (and Back Again) by /u/-Czechmate-, /u/x365 Run up to A site.
Keep knife out until you see an enemy and then try to kill people while being unable to stop shooting.
All Maps T cl_righthand 0 by /u/StroodleN00dle Switch hands for your mouse and keyboard.Last one (Il Duce) buys Duelies and Sawed Off/Nova has to clutch.More like this., This video I wanted to do something fun by making a challange and if you want me to do a specific challange leave a comment and I'll do the top 5 challanges.Also grand reef casino flash a huge shutout To this server we got our strats from there so please go check them out.All Maps T CT Don't Drop that Ump-Ah-Bump!The top fragger must change their name to Chairman Kaga and challenge the other team to a knife fight in kitchen.The rest of the team must hold a funeral for him, throwing incendiary/molotovs on his corpse and resuming the round (assuming they're alive).If you are killed after flopping, promptly plead your case to the nearby referee to card the offender by accusing the enemy player of being a hacker in chat.All Maps T CT Corey Trevor by /u/BasedStrelok The two bottom players on the scoreboard become Corey Trevor, who can only buy smokes and body armor.They can only stop when interrupted by an enemy attacking.Stream: /ImMarksman Subscribe for more!Mirage T Rocket by chimpoo Rush apts or palace and jump out balcony together.By /u/KeNx_017 Everyone in the team must line up and move behind each other but the line has to be in alphabetical order, you are allowed to use any gun.(Hint: Couches are mostly in apartments) Inferno T CT Chicken Extinction Run by /u/tsuriga Your team now exists to kill chickens and only chickens.