custom poker felt designs

The two scenarios in which there may be additional charges are below, but of course, we will harrahs casino jobs cherokee nc authorize them with ddr3 ram slot pin details you free slots machines with bonuses usa first.
If your design requires tracing, an additional 50 charge will apply.BBO's Custom Graphics Lab Full Custom projects all start from a blank canvas and are developed with the customer's ideas and instructions.In comparison, pricing for screen printing is determined by the amount of colors you have so printing 5 colors will more expensive than.For custom poker felts, it is advisable to use materials that are durable, like Gaming Suedes.Having a personalized poker table and felt may not help you win the game, but you would definitely be playing with style.The nice thing about using stencils is that you can try them out on a safe surface before you destroy your poker table felt.There is nothing closer to feeling like you are playing in a casino than this.Please note that there may be additional charges in certain, design heavy projects.
We will ship your graphic out to you as soon as your graphic is printed and checked to be perfect.
How to Order a Full Custom Graphic Design:.
Since we use 1 of only 50 machines in the entire world that prints this type of Dye-Sublimation we can literally duplicate almost any image!
You need to make sure that you have an ultra fine mist so that there is no bleading.
All pricing based on size quantity desired.In the past I have used a martini mister.Tracing, tracing is required to convert a hand-drawn artwork from a drawing or paper to digital.You can also paint freehand but the edges will never be as crisp as if you use stencils.Custom Poker Felts, casinos are a popular destination for those who thrive for challenges and adventures.Dye-Sublimation eliminates that totally.The first is more durable, but will only allow you to use one color and only a dark color unless you are using a really light colored felt.These poker felts exudes a sense of formality and elegance in the gaming room.The raw fabric is dyed with your custom design and background.Whatever you do to add graphics to your felt, never try to customize your felt before it's stretched and attached to your poker table.With colors that would make the logos stand out, your poker table would certainly be at par with the elegant tables found in the casinos.If you don't have a visual representation of what you would like and we are working off of descriptions, an illustrator may be required to assess your project and bring it to life and additional charges will apply.You also have to make sure that you only spray a small amount at a time.