When the show moved from NBC to CBS, 6 months later, Bob Goen became the host, and was the host for two years (the show moved back to NBC in 1991 for 9 months).
Beyond these, other notable cameos include: In September 1977, Arte Johnson turned the letters, both to fill in for an injured Susan Stafford and to promote his new game show Knockout.
Yet another weird zig-zagging came on a 1996 episode where a contestant managed to go from 0 to victory in Round 4 without ever hitting 5,000.On November 26, 2008, a contestant did this and lost the 100,000.They also showed retro clips in Season 25, but in those cases the music was always left intact.There were also two seconds of rodeo footage in the opening montage of tropical shots, although this was never pointed out.Solve the bonus puzzle.Every Spring, he tells a joke along play blackjack for money 18 the lines of "I thought I saw the first robin of Spring, but it turned out to be a pigeon with a chapped breast." Lampshaded in April 2012, where he said that it was the 14th year.If a contestant buys a vowel and the puzzle has at least one more vowel yet to be revealed, Pat will usually say something to the effect of "You can buy another." When a puzzle nears completion and all the multiples are gone, Pat will.And it paid off royally!Sometimes contestants forget to add an "S" on a pluralized word when solving, or vice versa.
Tanika Ray did the mo-cap and voice acting for the animated assistant "Cyber Lucy" on Wheel 2000.
Round 4-on : 5,000, including the speed round.
GSN tried a children's spin-off titled, wheel 2000, which did not fare well and remains the last daytime version.To a lesser extent, the Surprise wedge and 10,000 prize casino cashier jobs wedge similarly went through redesigns shortly after they were introduced.Wheel has never stopped spinning since its premiere as an NBC daytime show that winter day in January 1975.What the home viewer didn't see was the puzzle board getting rolled back into the studio after having that round's puzzle loaded onto.During the season, the "speed up" round was changed, wherein 1,000 was added to whatever dollar amount Sajak landed.Downer Ending : Vanna's first official episode (December easy games for casino night 13, 1982) had some stellar gameplay: no Bankrupts, Lose A Turns, or wrong letters.Nighttime returned to one-and-done in 1998.Other top-ticket items proving popular were: * Other forms of transportation - everything from boats, motorcycles and camping trailers.Pie in the Face : Pat and Vanna exchanged pies in the face in the tag ending of a 1991 Cruise Week show.Saying that the answer to the puzzle was also his nickname in high school, particularly if it involves an adjective ending in Y (such as heavy dumbbell, light AND fluffy, and pudgy cheeks).

(hokey, but not as bad as current setup) It does seem to land on Bankrupt more than in the TV game.