Zoom in on the branches of the tree straight ahead, above the area where you found the Nest.
Examine the small statuette on the lower right again and use the Finger on the hand on the left.Square Zoom in on the structure ahead and examine the cap lying in front of the door.Eventide Slavic Fable Mask Puzzle Upon completing the puzzle, use the Ornamental Bracelet on the slot that appears.Eventide Slavic Fable Storagepart Puzzle Solution Once the puzzle is finished, click on the golden leaf to open the box.Collect the final Bestiary Card 30/30 and add the Fern to the mortar on the right.Beach Take a closer look at the cage near the water again.Use the Crank on the mechanism to open the door to the Haven.Outdoor Examine the door on the left.Pick up the Brush lying on the table at the bottom of the screen.
Click on the level on the right to trigger a puzzle.
Forest Maze Give the Blueberries to the adult boar to encourage them boomtown casino hotel bossier city to leave the area.
Use the Horn to open the door.Lodge Speak with Tubber.Using the screenshot below as reference, the sequence is as follows: Sequence One: 7, 3, 2, 5 Sequence Two: 4, 2, 8, online casinos for mac users 1, 6 Sequence Three: 8, 3, 6, 7, 2, 5 Eventide Slavic Fable Teeth Sequence Puzzle Upon completing the puzzle, click on the.Back in the main Gate area, take a closer look at the device on the right.Attach the Chain to the existing links and click to pull the vent cap open.Collect the Ethereal Flower 28/30 and the Leather Glove.Place the Fireworks in the stand on the left, then give the Matches to Lilacus.Inventory Items are written in bold and circled in yellow in the guide below.Click on the purple sheet hanging over the wall straight ahead to remove it, then zoom in for a closer view.Move blocks up, down, left, and right to free the way to the exit for the lighter block.Tomb Speak with Leshy.Living Room Take a closer look at the top of the shelf behind the cash register.

Dungeon Examine the chest on the right, beneath the archway leading to the Cell.