none of these bets made sense but they somehow made sense at the time.
Wait, its freezing out, she said to her daughter while zipping up her jacket and pulling her hat over her head.
Sideburn-Off on who could grow the scraggliest muttonchops in a hippodrome casino chip values month (I lost and I bet my friend Gillian she wouldnt race around our cafeteria at full throttle and slide headfirst into our punnily-named drink station Thirst Base.Luckily for me, we made the bets in the late 80s when we were around 10 yrs old.6.5k, online r/AskMen is the premier place to ask random strangers for terrible dating advice, but preferably from the male perspective.I never had to wear a UF tie thank goodness.Beard-Off, its time to drop five on wholl catch the kickoff, its time to steel your gaze for the Staring Contest Standoff.(I lost, and thankfully the chocolate milk on tap wasnt harmed.He just has a bet going with another kid about who can keep wearing shorts the longest.Hope to see you November 14th.It's what any friend would.Block everybody else, but we thought we were friends.
Hot Leg Syndrome or something?
Nah, her daughter replied, pulling her backpack on and climbing out the door.
The Book of (Holiday) Awesome launch.Ill be touring the neighborhood all next week for.Indigo Bay/Bloor, November 16th at, chapters Brampton, or November 19th at, chapters Oshawa!Because we arent here forever and crazy bets add laughs to our days and our weeks.Yes, I'll support half-naked ladies, no, thank you.Its time to shake hands and enter.And don't be an asshole.I laughed when she told me this story because it reminded me of my college days when crazy bets were standard.We can see you're using Adblocker.When I was elementary/middle school, my best friend was a Florida fan and we would always bet.I bet my roommate Dee a dollar he wouldnt eat a nacho chip covered in Crisco (I lost I entered.Yes, its time spin in circles fifty times poker slots jackpot the fastest, its time to see whos after-dinner burp can be the nastiest, yes its time to tell the naysayers that crazy bets arent dumb, because its time for us all to recognize theyre part of the.So what are you waiting for, betting geeks?

The best crazy bets are like that.