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First and foremost, let me remind you that you were chosen/drawn/picked to receive a free bridal portrait session.
Its out of my hands, however, and I dont have the time to waste getting into legalities.
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She will set priorities based on how much she gets paid per job.
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Easy Simply do Your Daily Search on pchsearch Win.Oh, and Im very sorry about the freebies I emailed you today. At that time, I also made you aware of the fact that the month was about to get extremely busy for us, but that I would give my full attention to your images when I was able.You can certainly choose to not believe that the receipt I sent you was from my mailing your package; thats fine.Please forgive me for taking the time to painstakingly making sure your skin looked perfect. Answer: laying them aside while I completed previously contracted weddings that came month and in some cases, a year before we offered you a photo session that you originally didnt have to pay anything for.Delivering your final disc to you before I received your scathing, aggressive, uncalled-for email.

Buying Wont Help You Win Purchasing is not a requirement if you want to play.
Literally the only days I do not do any work whatsoever are on Sundays ( oh, except for people that I thought were kindhearted and thankful to have a free photo shoot that I drove over an hour *on a Sunday*  to come and.