One of the NSW Lottery in-house games the Lucky Lottery 2 Jackpot Lottery was revamped in April 2002 with the number of tickets in each draw increasing from 180,000 to 200,000 and slot machine terms la noire the jackpot increment increasing from AUS 50,000 to AUS 75,000 per draw.
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If you have some old NSW Lottery tickets that you wish to check back on you can use the Past Lottery Results service that NSW Lotteries provides There can be many reasons why you may want to check up on historical lottery results you may.There arent many lotteries that will give you a 2nd chance at becoming a lottery winner when you have bought a lottery ticket that does not contain all of the winning lottery numbers.View your list of tickets purchased and click on the non-winning ticket that you want to be entered into the 2nd Chance Draw.24Lottos doesnt take any fee or commission on prizes, the winnings are fully yours!Time Rewards As an extra bonus, you will get an entry into the 2nd chance draw for each year that you have been a member of the nswlotteries Players Club.Oz Lotteries are licensed to sell the Oz Lotto, Powerball, Saturday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, Monday Lotto, Lucky Lotteries 2 Jackpot Lottery and the 5 Jackpot Lottery plus the 6 From 38 Pools and the Australian Superdraw on behalf of nswlotteries.
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When you buy lottery tickets online from Oz Lotteries, you do not need a physical lottery ticket as the details of your purchase are all recorded and can be viewed at the My Account section of your m website.R300, all number in games.The only condition that all players have to meet is being of legal age (18 or older).It is there to help you get the best out of the NSW Lottery portfolio.You will need your lottery Ticket Serial Number TSN and Player Registration Number PRN whether you have bought a physical NSW Lotto ticket or have played online with OzLotteries.To enter your spend per month, move the slider to the required position.Get free lottery games courtesy of Ozlotteries.You do not have to be a resident of Australia or an Australian national in order to play NSW Lottery games online through OzLotteries you can play from most countries around the world and it doesnt matter what nationality you may.Special Promotions The nswlotteries Players Club holds regular promotions that you can enter that are available to members only.24Lottos is especially designed for the needs of international lottery players.